a bunch of passionate guys from the west

West was born in Switzerland from our common vision for what snowboarding truly is. Through West we want to share our love of snowboarding by creating quality board, eclectic shapes and inspired designs. Join the great adventure, ride west.

our story

West founders are coming from switzerland, based in the alps at a geographic intersection that gathers french german and italian speakers. We are true snowboarders for more than 25years. We have been in the snowboarding scene for all these years and we basicaly saw it all. From neon and useless inventions to also super dope innovative and creative stuff, snowboarding kept it going all the way and we want to continue and be part of this story. As proud descendents of the small brands that have made snowboarding what it is today, the tradition of underground brand will contines with west.

How we make snowboards matter

At west, our primary focus has always been the product. We select only the finest material and technology to build our boards. We want our product to be premium and efficient. Once you got a board in your hand, you notice that it is high quality with attention to details. Once you ride it, you feel safe in any conditions and you can play with it as much you want with no limits.

“I like to shred the snow with west.”

Our only female rider in the Team, Elena is adding a sweet touch in our family on daily basis. Once on the slopes, she’s turning into a performante trick machine and proving us that girls got balls when necessary. She’s going big and always with style as you may have seen in the last Olympics. We feel really fortunate to have such a great person in our team.

“I’m absolutely stoked with what I can do with my WEST snowboard. I could decide what kind of board I like as my pro model and also I was able to create a design for it. It is a dream come true for me. It’s just so cool that WEST is a small brand and everybody knows each other. “

“it’s a true snowboard brand run by snowboarders.”

Leo is one of a kind! He is a perfect reflection of our vision of snowboarding, oozing creativity and natural style. Not only whilst snowboarding but in his daily life as well. Cherry on the cake, he’s basically talented and he is able to ride any sort of terrain, any size and in any conditions. We are proud to support that kind of snowboarder who are true to this.

“West is the best simply because it’s a true snowboard brand run by snowboarders. One big family who let’s everybody on the team be their own individual and let’s everybody do and snowboard what they wanna do and how they wanna snowboard.” – Leo

“I am so pleased to be part of the WEST Family and to stand for it. “

Our local ripper, shredding the parks, backcountry or streets of the western swiss alps for the last ten years. Fred way meant to be in the team due to the story we have in common. His positivity, fun and legendary smile are well transmitted on his riding style. Always a pleasure to shred with him in our local spots.

“I am so pleased to be part of the WEST Family and to stand for it. I personally knew two founders of the brand since long time ago. Thanks to West, I had the opportunity to get involved in the brand in the way that I could never imagine with another brand. I would like to thank WEST already for some of the best memories in my life such as personally meeting the group IAM and the opportunity to create our signature model. ”

The west family

Leo Eigensatz SUI – Elena Koenz SUI – Haruna Ishihara JPN – Jonas Emery SUI – Billy Cockrell UK – JJ Junker SUI – Thomas.G.Hübert NOR – Pouriya Hadiani IRAN – Jules

Reymond SUI – Maveric Rial SUI – Juuse Komsi FIN – Lionel Merch SUI – Ryota Nagaya JPN – Christian Weber SUI – Tokko Mitamura JPN – José Carron SUI –

Damien Lecker SUI – Yusaku & Ryosuke Horii JPN