our 2019/2020


For our 6th Season we are proud to show you a collection such as what we were willing to put on place since day 1. A complete and efficient line for every passionates of Snowboarding

the classics

High performance, durability & premium finish this is what the brand is aiming for.

the lively series

Designed for those looking for Fun with no compromise on the performance in any terrain.

Signature series

Riders choice. Shred like your idol. Find out who is riding what and choose your corresponding board.

the splitboards

Exploration will never end with this line designed to satisfy various needs.


Cause Juniors want to shred like growing up.

About the 6th season collection

West Snowboarding’s sixth collection is out and we’re happy to see an evolution in our brand’s identity. It’s a mix of our personal feelings from a lifetime of snowboarding, combined with the diverse input of our riders, artists and friends. These are the ingredients in our DNA — a blend that defines West’s identity.

In addition to our collection of time tested favorites, we have three new models this year. First is, «La Hache PLUS» a very high end version of our classic Hache. We also added a new model for younger riders, for the next generation of great snowboarders coming around the corner. And finally, after the great feedback on our splitboard range, we decided to add a woman’s specific model.

We are also very pleased about the collab with Yusaku Horii, aka «Dayze» out of Japan. Speaking of artists, this year we’ve added a unique look to our signature series, thanks the Swiss painter, Serge, aka «Lowrider». And last, but not least, our «Hache Limited» is dedicated to the mountains that we love, thanks to the photographic excellence of the «Helvetic Collective».

Knowing that we all have to make an effort for our planet, we decided to change some of our manufacturing process and raw materials to lower our the impact. Concretely, we now only use green epoxy and FSC wood for our cores. We’ve also adopted water based inks and all of our «classic» models are made with a natural wooden top sheet. Small steps make the difference and we’re happy to keep pushing in a more ecological direction!

Enjoy snowboarding, enjoy pushing your limits, enjoy hanging out with your friends, and enjoy your time in our beautiful mountains.

Matt, David, Ferdi & Michel